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Les Bordes Golf Club is an invitation-only, private members club.

Membership Information

The membership of Les Bordes Golf Club represents a diverse range of nationalities, many of whom are also members of other prestigious golf clubs around the world.

The Golf Club continues to grow organically through an invitation-only process with the proposal and support of existing Members. The Membership Committee continues to consider applications for new Members with the aim of maintaining the Golf Club’s geographic diversity and strong emphasis on golf culture and etiquette.

For futher information, please email [email protected]

Membership Categories

The Club welcomes enquiries from like-minded golfers and offers three different categories of membership, with limited allocations for each category;


Local members are those members who own or have access to a residence within 120km of Les Bordes. Please note that the Local Membership category (individuals who own or rent a property within 120 km) is now full and applicants are being placed on a waitlist.


National members are those who own or have access to a residence in France located more than 120km from Les Bordes.


Overseas members do not own or have access to a residence in France. Owners of a residence within the Les Bordes Estate are deemed to be Overseas members regardless of the location of their permanent residence.